Never list your home or property without a pre-determined plan and preparation.

Learn about market conditions, trends and tendencies.

This information should be taken into account in order to properly position your property on the market. Where and to whom should you advertise your property?

You should know whether you have a sellers or a buyers market.

Current supply and demand levels can greatly impact real estate property prices. A seller market is found when demand exceeds the inventory of homes available on the market. A buyers market is the opposite; when there is a surplus of properties on the market compared to people looking to purchase.

Price it right.

Before choosing a price for your property, it is important that you consider the price of similar properties selling for in your area

Precio de lista vs precio de venta

It is important to distinguish between a property’s listing price and its selling price. One thing is the price you would like to receive and another is what the market pays.

It is important to keep emotions out of the selling process, as sellers often allow emotional attachments to alter the perception of what their home is worth. Keep in mind that a property’s value is ultimately determined by what the market is willing to pay for it at that point in time.

Pick the right timing.

Like all investments, the real estate market moves in cycles. A real estate professional will you determine when the right time to buy or sell is.

Choose the right agent to lead the sale of your home or property for best results.

The best agent is who will most effectively market your home, negotiate favorable terms and conditions, and establishes a harmonious dialogue between interested parties to ensure a smooth sale.

Expenses to calculate.

Know your expenses and tax bracket you are in beforehand.

Legal advise

You might as well want to select an experienced real estate attorney to represent your legal interests. This depends on each individual circumstance.

What to consider.

Be aware that money might not be the most decisive point when accepting an offer, look at the whole picture. Timing, financial arrangements, general conditions.

Stage and prepare your home attractively to have it in ideal conditions for the showing process.

Why Use An Agent

For most of us, our home is one of, if not our single most treasured and valuable asset. That’s why it’s vital for home sellers and property sellers in general, to work closely with a trusted advisor who not only knows the surrounding real estate market, but also has the foresight to expertly price a property to yield the most value in a well-timed manner.

Furthermore, professional agents know to put their clients first. They have a duty and code of ethics to inform the seller of market realities and conditions, while marketing the home in a way that attracts the greatest quantity of qualified buyers.

Los mejores agentes mantienen excelentes relaciones con la comunidad local de bienes raíces y entienden que trabajar junto con el equipo asesor del Propietario , — incluyendo contadores y abogados — es de vital importancia. Esta comunicación abierta entre ambas partes interesadas ayuda a asegurar una transacción de ventas sin fisuras, agradable y rentable de principio a fin.

The best agents maintain outstanding relationships with the local real estate community, and understand that working together with the seller’s advisory team, including accountants and lawyers, is of prime importance. This open communication between interested parties helps to ensure a seamless, enjoyable and profitable sales transaction from start to finish.

Why Tropica

Tropica’s agents offer a tailor-made approach to each seller’s specific property-selling needs. As an experienced independent firm, we can take advantage of our small size and dynamic nature to offer an unparalleled level of personal attention, while maintaining the fundamental resources and groundwork of larger firms.

We know the local real estate market inside-out. We can anticipate crucial market risks, asses buyer qualifications and work through Mexico’s often cloudy legalities to assure a smooth sales process. We assure our clients the utmost professionalism, highest standards and a continued eagerness to go over and above expectations in every transaction. Should an issue arise, our agents will be by the seller’s side step-by-step throughout the sales process to maintain confidence and ensure a painless transaction.

How We Work With You

As a seller, choosing to list exclusively provides a number of benefits, including:

One-on-one relationships

Working with an exclusive agent gives you a trusted point of contact. It assures you of having an agent who will be present at all showings, who will be accountable for keeping track of home visitors, and who will inform potential buyers of important information pertaining to your home.

Maximum exposure

To ensure the fastest and greatest market exposure, we work on an exclusive agent co-broker level with ALL other agents in Cancun and surrounding areas to generate the largest audience of serious buyers.

Powerful marketing coverage

Tropica Realty offers a marketing program tailored specifically to each individual property, through channels including the internet, special mailings, and international clientele.

Personal interest

Our seasoned real estate agents are highly skillful negotiators that are knowledgeable about the area, values, residential bylaws and, above all, your objectives.

Frequent updates

Tropica’s agents will provide sellers continuous progress reports with the latest property updates and information. This includes reporting on demand, potential buyers, and up-to-date pricing feedback.

Pricing your home

After a seller selects TROPICA to be their exclusive selling agent, we strategically examine pricing options and develop an action plan for the listing and successful sale of the property. It is important to keep in mind that the first three weeks of a property’s listing are crucial, as this is the most opportune time to make an impact on qualified buyers.

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